Nutrition-sensitive agriculture for improved dietary diversity


SNV in Lao PDR publishes the fifth technical paper based on lessons learned from the Enhancing Nutrition of Upland Farming Families (ENUFF) project focusing on nutrition-sensitive agriculture for improved dietary diversity.

A diverse diet is associated with an adequate nutrient intake which is especially important in populations with micronutrient deficiency. The diversity of available crops and livestock can influence the dietary diversity of farming families, although not much is known about this specific relationship in the Lao context.

The technical paper aims to identify the current relationship between production diversity and dietary diversity in young children and women of reproductive age in the rural uplands of Lao PDR. The results from the ENUFF baseline study were used to understand the predictors of dietary diversity. It was evident that increased crop diversity improves dietary diversity in women but not in young children. Based on our learnings, the ENUFF project makes recommendations to practitioners and policymakers for improved dietary diversity.