PG-HGSF Ghana: Supporting and developing farmers’ business skills

PG-HGSF Ghana: Supporting and developing farmers’ business skills

Recent trainings in the districts of Bunkpurugu, Kpandai and Zabzugu demonstrate how capacity building in business skills can unleash the entrepreneurial potential of rural farmers. Each district held a one-day training for Farmer Based Organisations (FBOS) which included sessions on market-led production, post-harvest handling and matchmaking with potential buyers and attracted a total of 150 participants.

These trainings helped farmers realise their potential as business men and women and also educated them on the availability and demands of the school feeding market. Thus, farmers can plan and collaborate more effectively in order meet the demands of the school feeding market while maximising profits from surplus crops.

“I am very overwhelmed with this workshop and knowing that there are existing markets for my produce, then I have to take my farming very serious and produce as to what the market demands.” - Gurundoo Wumbet from Din-Nani FBO

The events also attracted potential FBO clients such as caterers, traders, and retailers, and representatives of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), who encouraged an atmosphere of exchange and learning. These buyers shared what qualities they desire in produce that they purchase and farmers were able to share concerns they had about crop production with representatives of MOFA. And, because both farmers and buyers were present, a matchmaking opportunity arose, allowing farmers to connect to buyers.

The PG-HGSF team in Ghana hopes these trainings will motivate farmers to continually developing their business acumen. PG-HGSF Ghana intern Julius Atinkadem believes that, “a little motivation and support from trainings will peak the interest of local farmers and encourage them to produce enough qualities [of crops] boost the local economy - this will also provide enough for school feeding caterers and their demands.”