PG-HGSF Learning Documents #1 and #2 available in French


The first two PG-HGSF Learning Documents are now also available in French.

“Challenges and Opportunities: Smallholders and School Feeding” is the first learning document for PG-HGSF. This document highlights research conducted by the PG-HGSF project on linkages between smallholder farmers (SHF) and government-led school feeding programmes in areas where the project is being piloted in Ghana, Kenya, and Mali.

PG-HGSF’s second learning document, “Analysis of Supply Chain Studies for HGSF”, takes a look at current supply chains used for school feeding programmes in the project countries - in particular, their supply chain structures, the implementation of school feeding programmes and their differences in the countries, the supply chain actors and their roles, and the compatibility of school feeding demand and smallholder farmer supply.