Practitioner's Network to synergise with Public Dev't Banks to build back better

Pat Whelen glass

SNV and 15 other members of the Practitioners’ Network (PN) for European Development Cooperation (PN) sought, through the Declaration on Synergies with PDBs, to contribute to building a coalition of supporters for the collective shift of strategy proposed in the Joint Declaration of All Public Development Banks in the World.

The Joint Declaration of All Public Development Banks in the World is the first deliverable of the Finance in Common Summit held on 12 November 2020. In the said declaration, PDBs expressed their willingness to contribute to post-COVID recovery and align with sustainable finance principles.

The PN specified three major points of attention in their declaration, such as:

  • policy-first principle and dialogue for sustainable investment,

  • private sector support, and

  • increasing impact together.

About the Practitioner's Network

The PN, which was founded in 2007, is an open platform for exchanging on and coordinating European development cooperation. It is composed of European development cooperation organisations with a public service mission and is built on European values and on a strong commitment to deliver evidence-based policies and partnerships. The PN brings together a broad range of expertise and experience, and has extensive networks in partner countries, allowing us to be agile in our responses to emerging needs and to continuously adapt to the changing development landscape. In the spirit of #TeamEurope, our shared goal is to collectively ensure that we provide the most effective European cooperation support to accompany partner countries in their efforts to achieve the SDGs.