Press release: National strategy for adoption of improved stoves in Honduras

SNV board

Honduras now has a strategy that lays out a clear route to promote the adoption of improved stoves, which will benefit more than a million Honduran families that cook food in inefficient traditional stoves, negatively impacting their health, the economy family and in its environment. Recently, the National Strategy for the Adoption of Improved Stoves (ENAEM) was presented to allactors in the value chain. This move was welcomed by civil society organisations who are part of the Voice for Change Partnership (V4CP) programme in Honduras.

The impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which are not limited to the health effects of the population, but have negative implications for the economy and productivity in different sectors, increase the vulnerability of the population, and the dependence on the rural and peri-urban population use firewood as an energy source for cooking their food. This highlights the validity of the ENAEM and the need to implement the measures it proposes," said Allan Mejía, from the Secretary of Natural Resources and Environment MiAmbiente.