SNV Cookstoves Cookoff!


Three cooks made every-day Lao foods, sticky rice, fish soup, and fried morning glory, on the different stoves, which included the traditional Tao Dam and tripod stoves, along with the ACE, BioLite, and the ‘V-Stove,’ a model developed by SNV staff member Bounthavy Sengtakoun. The fuel (wood) was carefully measured for each trial, along with the cooking time for each dish per stove. At the end of the testing, the team will be able to tell per stove about its fuel and time efficiency when the same dishes are cooked.

Earlier this year, the team conducted similar a trial cooking test to practice the methodology that would be used. During this round of testing, cooks were beforehand introduced to the new stoves and learned to use it at their homes before the test started. Like before RENMI staff took responsibility for data collection, as part of the capacity building process. Next week the SNV team will analyse the data collected and present the results in an upcoming report.

SNV explores opportunities and the functionality of advanced cookstoves in the Mekong in consortium with the World Bank and partners. This initiative also relates to the EU-funded ICS programme.