SNV discusses food system transformation at Vienna Energy Forum virtual event

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Albert Bokkestijn, SNV’s programme manager for the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD) joined a Vienna Energy Forum expert panel to discuss investment and partnership needs. The virtual session took place on April 7 2021.

On this occasion, the virtual event which is part of the food systems track explored questions such as what form of investment is required to enable food systems transformation through sustainable sources?Also, what partnerships are required to source and manage the appropriate investment for food system transformation?

Albert sat on a panel of expert and partner speakers including GCF, Energrow and Earth Spark International among many others. To see an overview of the event and biographies of the panellists, please click here.

Albert spoke from the perspective of the DFCD, a programme responsible for graduating innovative ideas into bankable business investment projects that target climate resilience at scale in developing countries. The fund is managed by a consortium of partners: SNV, WWF, Climate Fund Managers and FMO.

During the session, he explained that this alliance harbours a wealth of international expertise in finance, banking, inclusive development, and conservation. This expertise is deployed to construct and invest in a pipeline of high-quality, bankable projects.

In response to questions around what scale-up plans and activities are required to attract investors? Albert responded that it is all about good innovative ideas at scale that arouse investor’s interest. Be it for water, agriculture, energy projects. Small investment projects that are not scalable tend not to be of interest to investors or  are unlikely to support transformational change in the sectors.

Key points raised

  • During the discussion, it was evident that there is still a need to break the barriers and disconnects and construct partnerships based on trust. In particular, if we want to achieve impact at scale and transformational change.

  • There is a need for the gap to be bridged between public and private finance as large-scale investment proposals are so scarce. The DFCD project is a good example of an initiative that does just that.

  • Large scale investments should also attend to small scale demand/solutions for efficient use of renewable energy for food security.

About the VEF virtual sessions

The VEF Virtual Series is a platform with the overarching goal of progressing agreed recommendations and delivering policy briefs with action-oriented solutions in targeted locations, to assist countries around the world to align their recovery efforts with an Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development.  A recording of sessions is available on the Vienna Energy Forum website.

To learn more about the DFCD project please visit the project website.