SNV endorses landmark declaration at clean cooking summit, mobilising billions for Africa

At this week's Summit on Clean Cooking in Africa, held in Paris, leaders from nearly 60 countries, as well as numerous companies and development institutions, convened to address the pressing issue of clean cooking access for over a billion people in Africa.

Co-chaired by Tanzania, Norway, the African Development Bank, and the International Energy Agency, the summit mobilised an unprecedented $2.2 billion in financial pledges.

SNV was among the key attendees at this high-level event. The summit highlighted the severe impact of traditional cooking methods, which predominantly affect women and children by exposing them to harmful fumes from charcoal, wood, and other rudimentary fuels. Beyond health issues, these traditional methods also contribute to environmental degradation, perpetuate inequality, impose economic burdens, and create significant drudgery for those who must spend hours gathering fuel.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan of Tanzania and Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre of Norway underscored the necessity of sustainable financing and partnerships to advance the clean cooking agenda. They emphasised the profound benefits of improving health outcomes, reducing emissions, and creating economic opportunities.

 Samia Suluhu Hassan, said in her inaugural note: More than 900 million people in Africa still cook on firewood and charcoal, not having access to modern cooking energy. With indoor air pollution being the prime cause of premature deaths of women and children, it is high time for increased investments and partnerships.

During the event a declaration, endorsed by over 100 countries, international institutions, companies, and civil society organisations, pledges to make clean cooking a global priority.

 Martijn Veen, representing SNV at the summit, said, 'Building on SNV’s extensive in-country presence and proven track record in implementing clean cooking programmes across sub-Saharan Africa and beyond, we are pleased to endorse this High-Level Declaration. We fully support the ambitions of this important Summit on Clean Cooking in Africa'.

The commitments made at the summit mark a pivotal step towards universal access to clean cooking solutions, promising a healthier and more sustainable future for millions in Africa.

You can learn more about the summit and read the full declaration in the following press release.


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