SNV energy project features in leading Zambian newspaper

People standing in front of hut

SNV’s biodigester project, Energy for Agriculture featured recently in an article published by the Zambia Daily Mail.

The Energy for Agriculture (E4A) project helps develop the biogas market in Zambia in order to increase access to renewable energy for households, public services and businesses.

The article follows the story of Alice a Nyeleti, a dairy farmer from Chongwe who had no access to energy until she started using biogas under the SNV programme almost three years ago. We are also introduced to an Indian commercial farmer who generates 420 volts of electricity from animal waste alone.

SNV is a leader in Biogas programming and has installed over 500,000 digesters across the world – primarily in Africa and Asia. In terms of our presence in Zambia, SNV has installed over 3,500 biodigesters across the country, covering eight provinces with the exception of Luapula and North-Western provinces

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