SNV in Ethiopia participates in 2021 Green Legacy tree planting initiative

Planting trees in Ethiopia

SNV Ethiopia in partnership with Ethiopia Rural Energy Development and Promotion Centre (ERDPC), Ethiopia Clean Cooking Alliance (ECCA) and Vita participated in 2021 Green Legacy tree planting.

SNV employees planted indigenous trees such as Juniperus procera (Tid), Podocarop (zigba) and Hagenia Abyssinica (koss) in the preserved spaces in Gurara Park, Addis Ababa.

In his address, Strengthening the Enabling Environment for Clean Cooking Sector Phase II Project Manager, Dr. Gessesse Dessie, urged participants to plant trees for a sustainable future for the next generation.

He added, 'Trees are not just wood. Their leaves, branches, trunk, and roots percolate raindrops in the soil. This water later springs out and flows to a river. Today you are planting trees within the watershed of Awash River, the most utilised humble river that never leaves Ethiopia only to remain sunk inland.' Furthermore, he stressed that making sure the seedlings grow into trees, will ensure the Awash River will flow and turn the arid Afar land into an oasis.

SNV Ethiopia has participated in the Green Legacy tree planting initiative for three consecutive years since its launch in 2019. The year 2021 tree planting is held under the motto  'Let’s make Ethiopia greener'.

An image of SNV staff planting trees

SNV staff planting trees

An image of a flowing river

Awash River flowing

Green Legacy Initiative

The Green Legacy Initiative is promoted by Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia. It was launched in 2019 to curb the effects of climate change and deforestation. For the last three consecutive years, Ethiopians have planted 15 billion seedlings. In four years’ time, 20 billion seedlings will be planted. 2021 Green Legacy tree planting was launched in May seeing to plant 6 billion seedlings.