SNV highlights the critical role of localisation at upcoming Energy Access Forum

solar panel

SNV will join the debate and underline the critical role that localisation plays in energy access at the upcoming SEforALL Forum which will take place in Kigali, Rwanda on 17-19 May.

About the SEforALL Forum

When far greater action is needed to fight climate change and reduce global inequalities, the 2022 SEforALL Forum aims to spark greater progress on a clean, inclusive energy transition.

Global leaders from government, business, development institutions, civil society and youth representatives will assemble in Kigali for this event. To build partnerships, share expertise, and form essential commitments related to energy and climate goals ahead of COP27 in Egypt.


Simon O'Connell, SNV CEO and John Mlay, Senior Business Advisor, will lead, participate in and moderate partner sessions ranging from discussions on transforming markets with innovative finance to sustainable energy trends to reaching off-grid communities through end-user subsidies.

During these sessions, our speakers will reiterate the importance of focusing enough on local embedding of energy access initiatives at every step - from the design to implementation to ensure sustainable systems change.

Humanitarian Energy Conference

Susanne Hounsell, Energy Sector Lead for Kenya and Zambia and Karlijn Groen, Project Advisor, SNV, will also speak at the Humanitarian Energy Conference (HEC), which will take place on 16 May in Kigali on the day preceding the SEforAll Forum. This event will take stock of where the humanitarian sector stands in achieving SDG7 for displaced and host communities and contributing to SDG13 on climate action through improved clean energy supply

Please see below for an overview of SNV’s participation in both events.

May 16 | 10:30 - 12:30 (CAT)Deep Dive Sessions on Cooking and Electrification (HEC)

Lead Organiser: GPA Steering Group, NORCAP, Practical Action

Karlijn Groen, SNV will join a panel to explore learnings from recent projects that have focused on sustainable delivery of clean cooking solutions in displacement settings. Presentations on sustainable delivery models for solar electric-cooking, LPG, biogas and biomass solutions will be delivered, followed by interactive discussions with in-person and virtual audiences.

May 16 | 15:30 - 16:45 (CAT) | Innovative Finance and Transformative Delivery Models (HEC)

Lead Organiser: GPA Steering Group, NORCAP, Practical Action Moderator: Susanne Hounsell, Energy Sector Lead

This session aims to outline recent efforts on innovative finance to support uptake in institutional and community level energy access, followed by a discussion on what kind of delivery and financial models can be used to scale up electrification efforts for displaced and hosting communities alongside humanitarian agencies.

May 17 | 14:15 – 15:00 (CAT) | Clean Cooking Industry Trends: Today and Tomorrow (SEforALL)

Organiser: Clean Cooking Alliance Moderator: Simon O’ Connell, CEO, SNV

The level of investment in clean cooking has not matched the global magnitude of the challenge. Achieving universal access to clean cooking by 2030 requires a dramatic increase in public and private capital. SNV CEO Simon O’Connell will moderate this session, highlighting the latest investment and market trends, spotlighting business model innovations, and discussing emergent market drivers and inhibitors.

May 18 | 14:00 -14.45 (CAT) | Results-based Financing: Transforming Energy Access Markets (SEforALL)

Lead Organisers: GIZ and SEforALL. Moderator: Simon O’Connell, CEO SNV.

Results-based financing (RBF) can catalyse investments and accelerate market development in the distributed renewable energy space, unlocking additional capital and spurring the development of commercially viable and private-sector-driven markets. The session will explore the role of RBF in drawing more capital into the sector and recent successes, lessons and challenges.

May 18 | 15:30 – 16:15 (CAT) | Reaching the Poor through End-User Subsidies (SEforALL)

Lead Organisers: The World Bank, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

On the current trajectory, hundreds of millions of households will be left behind because they can neither afford clean energy access solutions nor be viably served by markets.  John Mlay, SNV will join this session to explore if end-user subsidies are needed to complement existing interventions, which experiences have been made to date, and how they can be scaled.

To learn more:

To learn more about this event and see a full agenda, please visit the SEForALL Forum website. For information on the Humanitarian Energy Conference (HEC) visit here.