SNV joins the debate on achieving universal energy access with end-user subsidies

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SNV energy expert Martijn Veen will participate in a virtual session entitled "'From ideas to action: Using end-user subsidies to achieve universal energy access", which will take place on January 20, 2021.

About the event

The event which will take place at 2:00 pm (CET) has been organised by GOGLA, the global association for the off-grid solar energy industry in partnership with World Bank Group’s Lighting Global programme and ESMAP. The event is supported by GET.invest.

At the event, participants will join the experts as they:

  • Explore how end-user subsidies can fit within the ‘tool-kit’ of public financing solutions to achieve universal energy access

  • Share their own experience and insights around end-user subsidy design challenges in the off-grid solar standalone space and ‘smart’ solutions

  • Learn from, and participate in the design of, four pilot standalone solar end-user subsidy country programmes

  • Identify clear next steps to advance clean energy access for hundreds of millions of people living in energy poverty

End-user subsidies

End-user subsidies, which directly reduce costs for consumers, have the potential to address the affordability challenge and enable energy access for the most vulnerable communities. However, for them to be as effective as possible, they must be considered alongside other enablers, such as supportive fiscal policy and supply-side subsidies.

During the discussion, participants will explore the ‘smart’ design of end-user subsidies to address this complexity and uncover solutions. It will have a particular focus on stand-alone solar technologies.

End-user subsidies for off-grid solar discussion paper

GOGLA, supported by GET.invest has just launched their latest discussion paper 'Using End-User Subsidies for Off-Grid Solar to Achieve Universal Energy Access' today. This paper aims to bring the private sector’s perspective to inform the discussion on how end-user subsidies for off-grid solar solutions fit within the ‘toolkit’ of public financing solutions to accelerate energy access. Please check our resources tab in preparation for the event’’

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