SNV joins leading global climate network to advance climate action

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SNV strengthens its ambition to integrate climate as a universal theme by becoming a member of Climate Action Network (CAN). CAN is the world's leading climate association global network driving collective and sustainable action to fight the climate crisis in over 130 countries.

About Climate Action Network (CAN)

CAN is made up of more than 1,500 civil society organisations. Its goals are to drive collective and sustainable action to fight the climate crisis and achieve social and racial justice. CAN convenes and coordinates civil society at the UN climate talks and other international fora and facilitate 18 technical working groups and several other collaborative platforms. It also supports and coordinates its members in its global network through capacity-building, campaigns, projects and mobilisations to urge governments and other stakeholders to act on the climate emergency.

The climate crisis is one of the most significant challenges facing humanity today, and its impact can be seen in the communities where SNV works. The effects are far-reaching, and consequences to the lives of the most vulnerable include hunger and malnutrition, poverty, health, and local environmental issues.

Transforming systems

SNV works to increase resilience to these impacts by strengthening capacities and catalysing partnerships to transform the food, energy, and water systems that enable sustainable and more equitable livelihoods for all.

As a CAN member, SNV joins a growing number of non-governmental or community non-profit organisations interested in increased climate resilience and the promotion of sustainable development. SNV looks forward to working in partnership with CAN and its members to promote climate action further. Visit the CAN website to learn more.

To learn about SNV climate-related initiatives, visit our climate and business page. Please see here to look back at SNV's activities at the recent UNFCCC COP26 Climate Conference.

For more Information

For more on SNV's climate initiatives, please get in touch with Harko Koster: Global Lead Climate & Business - hkoster@snv.org