SNV panellists discuss how to engage the private sector in climate change adaptation

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SNV experts will join an online live event organised by ICR (investment Climate Reform Facility) on mobilising finance to catalyse private sector engagement for climate change adaptation in the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.

Richard McNally, a climate, and business expert, SNV and Tigere Muzenda a regional investment officer for the Dutch Fund for Climate Development (DFCD) will join a panel to discuss experiences and findings of a new report - National DFIs: Critical allies for climate action: Why and how can they be more involved in climate finance?. During the discussion, Richard and Tigere will illustrate their points through the lens of SNV project examples and lessons learnt from implementations.

About the event

The online event which is organised by the ICR facility will share experiences and provide guidance to public and private sector stakeholders in the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries seeking to mobilise finance to stimulate private sector engagement in climate adaptation projects. It will highlight the need for ACP countries to better translate their National Adaptation Plans into clear investments priorities for the private sector and the pivotal role of Developmental Financial Institutions to provide tailored financial solutions which meet the needs of the private sector in these countries.

The event will take place:

  • Date: March 25, 2021

  • Time: 2:00 – 4:00 pm (CET)

To access the event agenda, please click here.

National Development Finance Institutions (NDFIs) report

This report looks at how NDFIs can play a vital role in promoting climate financing and thus achieving Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) due to their knowledge of local markets, their close connections to domestic public and private stakeholders and their ability for local currency financing. However, currently, NDFIs are not involved as intensively in this field as they could be. The report discusses and recommends how National Development Finance institutions could play a greater role in climate financing, how they could be best supported by the ICR Facility and others to do so.

Climate adaptation

The countries of the ACP regions are some of the most vulnerable to climate change. However, financial flows for private sector projects in climate adaptation remain limited. Overcoming this challenge and stimulating the expertise and innovation capacity of the private sector is critical for the future of these regions. This online event examines how ACP countries can overcome the barriers to mobilising finance to catalyse the private sector to provide goods and services which delivers climate-resilient economic growth. This will include discussion on the role of various international sources of finance, such as multilateral development banks or impact investors, in catalysing other sources of investment.