SNV to participate in the European Development Days 2021

Paper: Stimulating business engagement in climate change adaptation

Considered ‘Europe’s leading forum on development since 2006,’ SNV is co-organising and presenting in two sessions during the upcoming European Development Days (EDD).

Under the theme ‘Green Economy for People and Nature’ catch SNV and its development partners on 15 June in the following lab debates.

Using blended finance to mobilise capital for the $1.8 tn adaptation opportunity

Date: 15 June | Place: TV Studio 2 | Time: 12:00-12:45 I More info

Climate change poses an unprecedented threat to humanity in the 21st century and communities in the developing world are most at risk. During this debate, panellists will discuss how effective partnerships can be created to steer capital towards climate-resilient projects that benefit vulnerable populations and ecosystems.

Using the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD) as a case study for public-private sector collaboration, the session aims to inspire the creation of partnerships that mobilise investments for climate adaptation. This session will be moderated by Sinead Crane, Marketing and Communications Advisor for SNV and for the DFCD.

  • Tigere Muzenda:  Regional Investment Officer for the DFCD programme, SNV

  • David Kuijper: Manager Public Investment and Blended Finance, FMO - Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank

  • Arief Rabik: Chief Operation Officer, P.T Indobamoo Lestari

Organised jointly by SNV, FMO, WWF, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and Climate Fund Managers

Pathways towards climate-resilient sanitation

Date: 15 June | Place: Studio 3 | Time: 16:20-17:05 I More info

Safely managed sanitation services are the first line of defence against the impacts of climate change and are vital to strengthening the resilience of entire communities. However, money for WASH adaptation accounts for just 1.6% of total climate finance. During the session, participants will debate on the policies and investment choices that must be made to improve urban sanitation as a critical condition to cope with the impacts of climate change. This session will be moderated by Henk Ovink, Special Envoy for International Water Affairs of the Netherlands.

  • Antoinette Kome: Global Head of WASH, SNV

  • Hossain Adib: Director of Programmes, WaterAid Bangladesh

  • Kasenga Hara: Senior Technical Expert, National Water Supply and Sanitation Council, Zambia

Organised jointly by SNV and WaterAid

About the EDD

The EDD is an annual event that is held in Brussels and organised by the European Commission. Now on its 14th edition, EDD 2021 will take place virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions.

This year's event brings together global development community experts to dialogue on the theme, Green Deal for a Sustainable Future. Biodiversity loss, climate change, and environmental degradation are defining challenges of today’s generation.

During the two-day event, the EDD will provide a decisive moment for analyses and reflections ahead of COP26 in November 2021. To learn more about this event and to register to attend, please visit the EDD events page.