SNV partners in Uganda featured in COVID-19 Movers & Shakers

Health worker in Uganda makes a statement why we must act against COVID-19

Prevention is better than the cure. Water... access to clean water... is not simply a preventative measure to COVID-19. It is key to equitable development.

The message is clear. Without access to quality water in sufficient quantity, our lives, livelihoods and potential for growth and development are at stake.

When the world celebrated the successful development of the first vaccine and the gradual opening up of societies, there too were stories of local heroes that were not exactly making the headlines.

In the Movers & Shakers campaign, members of the WASH First consortium present the unsung stories of local heroes in several countries in Africa. Three of the 16 outstanding movers and shakers are long-time partners of SNV in Uganda. And we could not be more than proud.

SNV partner in national government

Meet Cate Namialo, Senior Environmental Health Officer

SNV partner in local government

Meet Rebecca Mwima, Principal Assistant Chief Administrative Officer

Click on the videos to learn more about Cate Namialo, Rebecca Mwima, and John Wumbi. Learn what motivates them to carry on, leave the comfort of their own homes, and brave the streets of Uganda despite all the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19.

SNV health worker partner

Meet John Wumbi, Health Assistant

Banner photo: SNV WASH Advisor in Uganda during a training workshop with WASH stakeholders, Photo by SNV in Uganda staff for SSH4A Results Programme
More information
[1] During SNV’s implementation of the WASH First programme, elements of SNV’s tested and proven Sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene for All approach was applied.
[2] Visit the campaign website and read more about the consortium’s partners.
[3] Also view Mary Musheru’s story, an SNV local government partner in Kenya, with a specific focus in WASH in schools.
[4] Campaign images and videos ©WASH First and BRANDOUTLOUD.