SNV presents on market development in emerging countries at international biogas festival


On 21 May, Wim van Nes, SNV's Energy Expert presented on biodigester market development in emerging countries at the virtual WBA Biogas eFestival.

During his presentation, Wim discussed the findings of a recent research report on the Technical Potential of Household Biodigesters in Africa which concluded that the continent has the technical potential of 32.9 million digesters (2018 data). He also touched on the situation in Latin America where over 1,500 biodigesters were installed by the end of 2019 in 4 countries.

His session concluded that for the biodigester market to thrive in emerging markets, several factors are required :

  • Impact investors (international and local companies)

  • Technology providers (pre-manufactured digesters, biogas appliances)

  • Providers of financial solutions (e.g. PAY-GO)

  • Research institutes on the value of bio-slurry and –compost for agricultural production

  • Carbon financers and brokers

With much of the world on COVID-19 lockdown, The World Biogas Association (WBA), an international trade body for the biogas industry convened the world’s industry influencers on 18 -21 May 2020 in a digital-only conference.

The event which had more than 300 registered attendees, from 49 different countries and session attendance from 70 to 110, brought together the most proactive minds in the industry.

By hosting the event virtually as it is estimated that 402 tonnes CO2e has been saved– this is roughly the equivalent to:

  • 6,650 trees planted

  • 930 barrels of oil (emissions when consumed)

  • 180 cars’ annual emissions (average mileage)

To learn more about SNV’s activities in the biodigester sector, please visit our webpage.