SNV promotes mangrove-shrimp farming in Vietnam

SNV promotes mangrove-shrimp farming in Vietnam

Together with the Ca Mau Department of Agriculture & Rural development, Nam Can forest protection & management team, and Phuong Anh Co. Ltd., SNV organised 9 training courses with the focus on “Sustainable mangrove – shrimp farming programme according to international standards” for 200 local households in the areas, that took place 2 - 6 October 2017.

This is one of the key activities implemented by the “Scaling up mangrove ecosystem-based adaptation in the Mekong Delta” project (MAMII) project. At the event, Ms. Nguyen Bich Thuy (MAMII project manager) and Mr.Le Dinh Huynh (Project specialist) gave brief introduction about the project objectives, implementation activities and guidance to support the local households in obtaining the organic shrimp certification such as Naturland and Euro. In addition, the participants also discussed with project specialists about the shrimp culture: operation and management, water quality, and sustainability of the shrimp farming to make extra income.

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Furthermore, the representative of Ca Mau Department of Agriculture & Rural development also introduced the cooperative model to encourage the information sharing and support among local shrimp-farming households. The courses have provided local shrimp farmers with sufficient skills and knowledge on organic shrimp farming, and encouraged them to learn more about mangrove conservation and restoration. In the upcoming months, SNV will work with the Nam Can forest management team, Ca Mau Department of Agriculture & Rural development (Vietnam) to organize further training courses for these local shrimp farmers.