SNV shares experience and discusses off grid electrification at global micro-grid forum

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During the upcoming 15th edition of the Microgrid Global Innovation Forum, Martijn Veen, Global Head of the Energy Sector at SNV, will share the organisation's experience implementing projects and look at how microgrids contribute towards alleviating energy poverty.

In the first session, Martijn will focus on SNV's experience implementing the BRILHO Energy Africa project in Mozambique. The second session focuses on renewable energy, micro-grid trends, and finance in off-grid and rural areas.

About the event

The Microgrid Global Innovation Forum, 13-15 September 2022 in London, focuses on microgrid advances, case studies and applications in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. Organised by the Smart Grid Observer, the event draws industry professionals from around the world interested in maximising the effective use of renewable and distributed energy resources, refining the positive business model for microgrid deployments, and sharing real-world case studies in both grid-tied and off-grid/remote environments.

Mozambique's Mini-Grid Market Development & Opportunities

Wednesday, 14 September | 4:30 pm  – 5:00 pm |

Martijn will share SNV's experience implementing the BRILHO programme during this presentation. BRILHO provides TA and early-stage grants for mini-grid developers and regulatory support to the Government of Mozambique. They have recently approved a pilot regulatory framework for mini-grids (developed by BRILHO), providing the required conditions for mini-grid business initiatives to be implemented, with clear procedures and conditions in place to ensure the viability and sustainability of the proposed GMG business models. This was fast-tracked after BRILHO's first call for applications. Eight mini-grid initiatives were shortlisted and presented to FUNAE, indicating the urgent need to proceed with the policies and regulations needed.

Please see the session abstract here.

The Global South - Renewable Energy & Micro-Grid Trends and Finance Issues in Off-Grid and Rural Locations

Thursday, 15 September 2022 | 9:00 am – 10:00 am |

Globally, 789 million people - 1 out of 10 - do not have access to electricity to light their homes, refrigerate their food, or keep cool in rising temperatures. The majority of these people live in the Global South.

Martijn will join this panel discussion to explore innovations, business models, successes and failures of disruptive companies trying to tackle one of the most pressing issues today, energy poverty. The panel will also look at critical issues involving financing microgrid projects in developing regions.

Please see the session abstract here.

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