SNV shares vast experience of biodigester implementations at Biogas Network event

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SNV sustainable energy experts share their expertise in large scale, multi-country biodigester programmes during an online event organised by the Biogas Network which will take place on 25-27 January 2021.

About the event

This international conference focuses on, in particular, progress in the treatment and application of manure and digestate products. Having too much manure or digestate, not knowing where to spread it (without over fertilising the soil) is a pressing issue. With ongoing industrialisation of agriculture as well as global growth in biogas production, this could quickly turn into a worldwide issue.

During this event delegates will have the opportunity to see what the pioneers of the biogas industry are currently developing to turn residues into valuables using breakthrough technology citing both national and international examples.

SNV at the event

Two of SNV’s long standing biodigester experts will be part of the agenda on 27 January.  Felix Ter Heegde will present on the overall status, benefits and challenges of bio-slurry from household biodigesters in Africa and Asia. Jan Lam will participate in a panel discussion focusing on the statement: “Is bio-slurry from household biodigesters in Africa and Asia superior to manure? You can access the full programme on the event website.

SNV’s biodigester experience

Our work in the biodigester markets accross the developing world applies our decades-long expertise to specific local market conditions.