SNV supporting Viet Nam to include gender-framework in NDC targets and long-term strategies: report released

In Viet Nam, SNV developed a model approach and a gender-sensitive framework for mainstreaming Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) targets and actions in provincial socio-economic development plans. You can find the final report further below. Through successful implementation of projects, SNV has become a leader in Viet Nam on the linkages between climate and gender issues on the ground.

Viet Nam’s Updated NDC: A comprehensive and unified Climate Action Pathway

In response to one of humankind’s most urgent existential threats - climate change – the historic 2015 Paris Agreement established a goal to limit average global temperature rise to well below 2⁰C, and to pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5⁰C. To meet this goal, every country who signed the agreement is expected to prepare and communicate a NDC every five years. NDCs include targets, measures, and policies, and are the basis for national climate action plans.

Many countries have been updating their NDCs and where possible raising their ambition over the period 2020-21. A total of 192 countries have now submitted their first NDCs to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat. Viet Nam became the ninth country to submit its updated NDC to the UNFCCC in July 2020. The submission followed a comprehensive process over three years coordinated by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) and involved active participation by scientists, ministries, agencies, NGOs, research institutes, enterprises, international organizations, and development partners.

The NDC Partnership, of which SNV is an Associate Member, is a global coalition of countries and institutions collaborating to drive transformational climate action through sustainable development. It aims to build in-country capacity and increase knowledge sharing so that climate policies are successfully implemented, have meaningful and enduring impacts, and drive increasing global ambition over time.

In 2019 the NDC Partnership launched the Climate Action Enhancement Package (CAEP). Delivered by the World Bank, WRI, and SNV, it provides targeted, fast-track support to countries to enhance the quality and increase the ambition of, and implement NDCs. Viet Nam is leveraging the CAEP specifically to support the mainstreaming of NDCs targets and measures into provincial planning in 2020-2021. The revised 2020 NDC of Viet Nam specifically focuses on the gender-differentiated impact of climate change, providing a clear incentive to ensure gender-sensitive mainstreaming of NDCs and climate actions in general in national and sub-national planning and policymaking.

For Viet Nam to implement its international commitments on climate change, it is essential that NDC policies and measures are integrated into provincial master plans. The intention of the Gender-Sensitive Framework for NDC Mainstreaming in Provincial Planning is to provide methodological guidance to assist the harmonious integration of NDC targets and measures into planning processes at the provincial/local level in a gender-responsive manner

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In Viet Nam, SNV is developing model approaches and a gender-sensitive framework.

SNV supports Viet Nam raising the climate ambition

In Viet Nam, SNV is developing model approaches and a gender-sensitive framework for mainstreaming NDC targets and actions in provincial socio-economic development plans. Through successful implementation of projects such as Enhancing Opportunities for Women's Enterprises (EOWE), SNV has become a leader in Viet Nam on the linkages between climate and gender issues on the ground. EOWE promotes women’s economic empowerment through policy advocacy interventions and the application of climate-smart approaches in vulnerable regions to reduce gender inequality in the agriculture sector. Building on this knowledge, experiences, partnerships, and local connections, we developed a gender-sensitive framework for mainstreaming climate goals in provincial planning. Meanwhile, In Lam Dong province, where we are supporting the local government to develop and implement green growth strategies through the Café-REDD+ project, we are contributing to the development of a provincial socio-economic development plan through a model process that incorporates enhanced national climate action. These activities strengthen the implementation and effectiveness of Viet Nam’s NDC, and through alignment with socio-economic development priorities, build consensus for enhanced commitments.

NDCP and SNV report

A Gender Sensitive Framework for Mainstreaming Nationally Determined Contributions in Provincial Planning Processes in Vietnam