SNV Uganda Annual Report & Audited Accounts 2019 Now Out!

Collage of images from Uganda.

SNV Uganda has released its Annual Report and Audited Accounts for 2019, in which SNV impacted the lives of over 900,000 people.

Through our projects, we directly impacted the lives of over 571,240 individuals, and an additional 329,900 school children, surpassing our 2019 target by an astounding 270%. SNV Uganda Country Director Phomolo Maphosa attributed SNV's good performance in Uganda to the support that SNV has enjoyed from the donor community, government, local partners as well as the great team spirit exhibited by the SNV Uganda staff.

"Our 2019 results clearly shows that working in collaboration will take us further than we could ever achieve on our own. I am confident that the same spirit of togetherness that infused our work in 2019 and the support given by our partners will help overcome the challenges that are ahead as we navigate our way through the new normal created by COVID-19," Phomolo said.

Read this and more in the SNV Uganda Annual Report and Audited Accounts 2019 .