SNV’s Biogas Programme in Vietnam selected as one of the best carbon-reducing projects worldwide

SNV’s Biogas Programme in Vietnam selected as one of the best carbon-reducing projects worldwide

We are proud to announce that our ‘Biogas Programme for Animal Husbandry’ in Vietnam was chosen by Cool Effect as one of the highest quality carbon reducing projects around the globe. The innovative platform allows individuals to have a direct and personal impact on climate change mitigation by connecting them to the world’s best carbon-reducing projects. Cool Effect's slogan is: 'Small actions ignite planet-sized change'.

The Biogas Programme in Vietnam was selected out of a total of 1,000 projects by a team of world-class scientists. Cool Effect's review of several waste-to-energy projects shows that biogas projects are not easy to execute in developing countries because of high initial construction costs and maintenance issues attributed to the design of bio-digesters and their acclimatisation to local environmental conditions. The platform praises the clever design of the bio-digesters used in our Biogas Programme, as they keep in mind the hydrogeology and the ground water tables in Vietnam. Moreover, “because the waste collection system is designed based on the general principles of gravity, human contact with waste is minimal despite the fact that the digesters are being manually operated. The design has achieved phenomenal success across the entire country”, says Cool Effect.

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Watch this video to find out more about the project.

Although the platform is currently in beta phase, it is already exceeding expectations. As stated by Cool Effect: “We have been overwhelmed with the interest in our product and this clearly tells us that people are looking for a way to take action.” Individuals are able to fund projects on a tonne-by-tonne basis and can choose a one-time transaction or an ongoing subscription model. While the platform has not officially been launched, the Biogas Programme has already reduced 429 tonnes of carbon pollution. We look forward to working together with Cool Effect and people across the world to further increase this number and together take action against climate change.

Read more about our Biogas Programme, Cool Effect and NEXUS, our partner in carbon management.

Photo credit: www.cooleffect.org.