SNV’s STAMP project at 2019 Cracking the Nut Conference

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On 14 and 15 October, some of the world’s leading experts in rural development, sustainable agriculture, and WASH will come together for the 2019 Cracking the Nut conference, which will take place at the King Fahd Palace Hotel in Dakar, Senegal. This year, SNV will host a panel session called "Using Mobile Technology to Strengthen Pastoralists’ Resilience in Mali", which will highlight the work of the STAMP project, including lessons learned and challenges faced during the project.

The focus on this year Cracking the Nut conference is on balancing public concerns for food security with private, market-based solutions. The conference aims to provide a demand‐driven, collaborative learning space where participants share experiences and best practices on innovative approaches to expanding agricultural production, increasing rural incomes and the poor’s access to nutritious food and clean water. Through this, the conference will cover three themes: Reducing Systemic Risks, Improving Nutrition, Health and Access to Clean Water, and Increasing Inclusion in Commercial Markets

SNV’s panel session will follow the theme of Reducing Systemic Risks and will share how STAMP’s GARBAL information service uses a market-based approach to reduce systemic risks associated with pastoral livelihoods in the Sahel and how the project helps pastoralists mitigate the risks associated with extreme weather impacts and avoid conflict when identifying scarce natural resources. Catherine Le Come, SNV’s Global Technical Advisor of Livestock, will moderate the panel consisting of representatives of STAMP’s partners from the Malian Ministry of Communications & Digital Technology, Hoefsloot Spatial, and more.

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See the full conference agenda here.

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