Strengthening pastoralist organisations for climate-resilient development

A picture of Kenya resillience.

Over the last five years, the Voice for Change Partnership (V4CP) has been supporting pastoralist organisations for climate-resilient development. What have we learned?

This learning brief highlights the central role that civil society organisations (CSOs) play in championing the interests of pastoralists in climate policy development and implementation, as well as associated governance processes in Burkina Faso and Kenya. The Brief outlines how the Voice for Change Partnership (V4CP) strengthened the capacities of pastoralist CSO networks in the four areas of:

  • thematic knowledge on climate and resilience;

  • evidence-based advocacy;

  • leadership;

  • and organisational sustainability.

It shares some policy successes, and lessons learnt, with a focus on how we strengthened CSO skills to track budget allocation processes, and other key policies.

For more information, download the learning brief.