Spearheading new green jobs initiative in Mozambique's solar energy sector

In an initiative to address youth unemployment and boost the renewable energy sector, the Swedish Embassy, in collaboration with SNV, the Industrial and Commercial Institute (IICN), and private sector entities Ignite, Engie Energy Access, and SolarWorks, has launched the GeraSol project. This public-private development partnership, backed by a 423 Million Meticais fund from the Government of Sweden, aims to create job opportunities for young people in the provinces of Nampula, Cabo Delgado, and Niassa in Mozambique.

Key objectives

The GeraSol project focuses on sustainable skills development, aiming to train and empower 3,000 young individuals. The project will identify and match 2,000 of them with roles in the renewable energy sector, providing them with the necessary skills for both salaried and self-employed positions. The ultimate goal is not only to create employment opportunities for the youth but also to contribute to the expansion of the renewable energy sector, thereby increasing access to clean energy and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Project implementation

SNV will play a pivotal role in managing the GeraSol project. The responsibilities include facilitating private sector investment, engaging the public sector, and providing basic skills materials to companies. Additionally, the Industrial and Commercial Institute (IICN) will serve as GeraSol's technical vocational training centre. Private sector companies, namely Ignite, Engie Energy Access, and SolarWorks will actively contribute to the design and delivery of training courses, offering equipment, mentorship, and internships for IICN trainees.

Mette Sunnergrenn, Ambassador of Sweden, highlighted the significance of youth employment and expanding the off-grid energy market in Sweden's development cooperation with Mozambique. Bernie Chaves, SNV Country Director, emphasised the collaborative nature of the GeraSol project, bringing together local governments and private sector entities to increase off-grid energy availability and create jobs in northern Mozambique.

Youth employees of the Gerasol project

Challenges and opportunities

Mozambique faces a stark energy access gap, with only 50 percent of the population having access to electricity. The GeraSol project addresses this by providing clean energy to remote areas and introducing green jobs in the dynamic off-grid energy sector. With three million households off the grid, Mozambique possesses the ninth-largest off-grid population in sub-Saharan Africa. Green jobs, including roles as sales agents, employees, and entrepreneurs in the clean energy value chain, present opportunities for young men and women, regardless of their skill levels or geographical location.

The GeraSol project is a significant step towards addressing youth unemployment, increasing energy access, and promoting environmental sustainability in Mozambique. By fostering a partnership between government bodies, private sector entities, and international support, the initiative is poised to positively impact the lives of young Mozambicans, providing them with the skills and opportunities needed for a brighter and greener future.

Read the full press release for this initiative here.

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