Transforming Uganda's dairy sector

Transforming Uganda's dairy sector

The TIDE project (funded by the Dutch Government) has been implemented in South Western Uganda, since October 2015. The project will reach 20,000 farmers. In 2017, the project generated net income of  €1.4 million (UGX 5.9 billion) for dairy farmers in South Western Uganda.

The TIDE project rides on the wave of transformation in the dairy sector in southwest Uganda. In 2017, processors invested €100 million to increase capacity and improve quality standards. Farmers in the target area invest €640,000 (of which €510,000 was leveraged with support from SNV) to increase the quantity and quality of milk produced. These investments were possible due to higher exports which led to increased dairy prices. Many farmers (640 so far) have attended practical trainings at the Practical Dairy Training Farms (PDTFs), creating almost immediate impact at the farm level. The initial batch of trainees sold half of their lactating cows in order to focus on a few and boost their productivity. Subsequently, milk production per cow in the dry season went up by 103% (and 56% in the wet season), leading to an increase in milk production and incomes.

For a detailed report on the impact of the project in 2017, download the project annual report

Our results

Increase in Net income for dairy farmers

€1.4 million

Amount invested by farmers on their farms

€ 680,000

Number of Farmers trained at 3 PDTFs


No of children (54 % girls) drinking milk in 315 schools


Total Volume of milk in litres consumed by school children

1.5 million

Income earned by dairy farmers from supplying the school milk program