V4CP Alliance with Community Radios Raises Awareness

V4CP Alliance with Community Radios Raises Awareness

Recently the Voice for Change Partnership Program (V4CP) in Honduras signed a collaboration alliance with a group of six Community Radios in order to develop joint actions to inform and to raise awareness on issues relating to Food and Nutritional Security and Renewable Energy - with emphasis on improved stoves, to combat poverty.

Representatives of Zapotillo, Radio Extasis, Voces de Aramecina, Morolica Stereo, Stereo Pespire and Cholula Triunfeña signed a 3-year collaboration agreement in the framework of a workshop of community radios, civil society organisations and municipal authorities in the port city of San Lorenzo, department of Valle, Honduras in February.

Community Radios are important channels for disseminating information and knowledge in communities. The V4CP programme through the Sustainable Development Network (RDS) raised awareness and reflected on the role of media for advocacy to influence public policies in the fight against poverty.

The priority of the alliance with the Community Radios is to disseminate the results of research on food security and clean cooking energy, by sharing publications, information and experiences; and to call for improved public policies supporting food and nutrition security and improved stoves, among others.

The Sustainable Development Network (RDS) will be in charge of the coordination within the alliance as well as the processes of convocation and the transfer of information.

The actions are developed within the framework of the V4CP executed by SNV, IFPRI , and the Foreign Ministry of the Netherlands in partnership with national Civil Society Organisations. The V4CP programme embraces a collaborative approach between different stakeholders such as government entities, private companies, civil society organisations, universities, and works at the national, regional, departmental and municipal levels to address problems from different perspectives, and to find consensus and solutions to the problems identified.