Welcome - 2019 OYE International Conference

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Dear friends,

Welcome to the first International Opportunities for Youth Employment Conference 2019. We are looking forward to an exciting first edition.

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Themed Making Markets work for Youth, organised by SNV, in consortium with ICCO Cooperation, WASTE and APEJ through the European Union; the key objective of the conference is to create a platform to dialogue between the young people in the region, policy makers, donors and the private sector on opportunities for youth employment, job creation and its impact on economic prosperity.

Several speakers, donors, senior government officials and private sector players, will share their experiences, expertise and vision to make markets work for youth. We will also get to interact and hear inspiring voices from OYE youth. They will tell about their experiences and transformational journey since they joined of the OYE project. Please see the comprehensive agenda for more information.

The Opportunities for Youth Employment (OYE) approach was first used during OYE project in Mozambique, Rwanda and Tanzania in partnership with Mastercard Foundation and SDC. To date OYE has provided (self-) employment for more than 25,000 young people (with 40% young women) between 2013-2018.  Currently we are using the methodology in several other countries, including Mali, Niger and Ethiopia, with several new projects lined up for implementation in new countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. We will be glad to share what we are learning, what works and does not work in youth employment space since we have started using our OYE approach in 2013.

We look forward to interacting with you in the coming days - hearing your experience and your contribution. Your active participation can contribute and lead to an engaging, fruitful deliberations and fun filled event.

With very best wishes,

Tom Derksen

Managing Director, Energy and Youth

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