Workshop on Capacity Assessment Findings

Workshop on Capacity Assessment Findings

On 9th March, 2017, SNV hosted a workshop on the findings of capacity assessment with 10 short-listed NGOs to accumulate their present status on SRHR initiatives.

Farhtheeba Rahat Khan, Team Leader, Working with Women Project; Khaled Ahmed, Senior SRHR (Sexual, Reproductive Health and Rights) Expert; Mahmudur Rahman Chowdhury, M&E Advisor; and Asif Kamal, Communication Advisor facilitated the workshop.

The workshop commenced with an introductory session by Farhtheeba Rahat. She stated the importance of capturing changes in the short-listed organisations as part of its self-assessment in order to sustain and plan better in the challenging NGO sector. An infographic on Working with Women project’s intervention strategy in the RMG sector was exhibited to the present participants, from, Gonoshasthaya Kendra, Phulki, BAPSA, TMSS, BWHC, RHSTEP, FPAB, PSTC, PSKP, IACIB etc.
“Knowledge management is a vast segment and we have a long way to go since private sector is also lagging behind in capturing input”, said Farhtheeba Rahat Khan.

Mahmudur Rahman, Khaled Ahmed, and Asif Kamal also talked about the key indicators of gender and SRHR, M&E and Knowledge Management tools of capacity assessment and self-evaluation process. Participants at the workshop expressed their interest on participating in Inclusive Business based interventions not only with SNV, but also with platforms that can elevate the SRHR agenda. Helal Ahmmad Jony, FPAB, expressed, “Had the IB models been introduced earlier, we would be making more progress in becoming a self-sustainable organisation.”

The interventions and the tools were appreciated amongst the participants. Some even looked forward to implement this agenda on their future projects. The fruitful workshop concluded with working on the self-assessment reports and participants networking within themselves.