At #WWWeek, SNV calls for #WaterSecurityForAll

snv at world water week programme list

In the ‘world of water,’ this year is all about lifting the hidden, making the invisible visible, seeing the unseen. During World Water Week, SNV will join in intensifying the global call for the world’s leaders to turn their commitment to protect and equitably distribute water resources for people’s health, livelihoods, ecosystems, and production to action.

Catch SNV and partners in one of these sessions. Engage with us and help the sector amplify the urgent need for #WaterSecurityForAll.

Virtual sessions

Recorded sessions now available for all registered participants.

Meet our colleagues in Stockholm

Attending World Water Week in Stockholm? SNV’s representatives are interested and available to chat with you.

SNV delegates in WWW

Face-to-face sessions

  • Monday, 29 August, 09:00-10:30 [ROOM 453] | Creating markets and accessing finance for innovative sanitation technologies, a session that contributes to addressing the question, ‘How to enable viable market creation for utility scale urban sanitation technology innovations?,’ by unpacking obstacles faced by government investment in new technologies, the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, and sharing some possible solutions. Link for registered participants.

  • Tuesday, 30 August, 16:00-17:30 [ROOM 353] | 'Climate resilient development without sanitation' and other myths, a session that (i) highlights the important place of sanitation in creating climate resilient communities, and (ii) demonstrates how limited attention to sanitation may result in maladaptive climate responses, which are likely to reinforce existing inequalities, vulnerabilities, and risks. Link for registered participants.

  • Wednesday, 31 August, 15:00-15:30 [NORRA LATIN, 2.2 - WORLD BANK BOOTH] An onsite-only World Water Week 2022 launch of the Sanitation Workers Knowledge and Learning Hub with Water Aid, ILO, WHO, SNV, World Bank and SuSanA.

  • Thursday, 1 September, 11:00-12:30 [ROOM 451]Democratising data and decision making for resilient water development, a session that (i) unlocks the potential of bridging the divide between social and technical monitoring and planning over water resources, infrastructure, and management, and (ii) introduces the concept of collective informed choice for self-determination and social cohesion, reducing the potential of competing interests and conflicts over water resources. Link for registered participants.

Photo: Banner: Community water used for irrigation in a hilly area near Nepalgunj (Credit: SNV) | SNV delegates in World Water Week (Background design by SIWI)