Zimbabwean chiefs breaking the silence


Masvingo District’s chiefs and custodians of the traditional values and cultures have succumbed to SNV’s sanitary wear outreach, thereby putting to rest the taboo issue of publicly discussing about women’s menstruation.

Chief Musara told ZimEye.com that he fully supports the SNV sanitary programme and labelled it a saviour of girls from cancer and other illnesses. The programme created awareness and self-employment for those groups that are making the RUMP (reusable menstrual pads) for sale.

“I fully support this programme; it has created health clubs in my jurisdiction and also in schools. Teachers have created timetables for training girls and boys on the importance of hygiene, including menstrual hygiene management. I am also going to encourage my community to use these health programmes to address health complications and myths surrounding menstruation. Such myths deprive women and girls of access to health care.”

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