Our ambition for 2030

Our world is changing with dramatic speed and is vulnerable to an increasing frequency of shocks and disruptions. From pandemics to conflicts to environmental crises – hundreds of millions of people still lack access to energy, food, and water. And we know that progress towards the SDGs continues to be hugely unequal.

Our 2030 Strategy will ensure that we are able to respond effectively to this changing global context, enabling us to best seize the opportunities that exist to build a better world through collaboration and partnership. Read the summary here.

Our mission

Together, we want to inspire action locally, nationally, and globally, elevating the voices of the people and communities with whom we work. We want to see a world where across every society, all people live with dignity and have equitable opportunities to thrive sustainably.

That’s why our mission is to strengthen capacities and catalyse partnerships that transform the agri-food, energy, and water systems, which enable sustainable and more equitable lives for all.

Here, Chief Executive Officer Simon O’Connell explains the key takeaways from our new strategy:

Simon concludes: ‘We are excited, determined, and dedicated as we embark on this new strategy of accelerating and scaling SNV’s impact to 2030’.

‘We are motivated by the power of the transformative vision of the SDGs, by our own mission and history, by our global team members working together – and most importantly by those we work with and for to build a better, more equal, and more sustainable world’.

Download SNV's 2030 Strategy

01/12/2022Organisational publication

SNV 2030 Strategy

01/12/2022Organisational publication

Summary: SNV 2030 Strategy

01/12/2022Organisational publication

Strategie SNV pour 2030

01/12/2022Organisational publication

Synthese: Strategie SNV pour 2030

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