Lao PDR: A sanitation journey to 2025

Pathways taken by a four-year project in three districts in Savannakhet, Lao PDR, resulting in more than 139,000 residents of 140 villages living in open-defecation-free environments.

  • Abstract

    National development in Lao PDR has progressively been improving in the last two decades. Among the country’s priorities is to quicken the pace in ending open defecation practices by 2025.

    This brief documents experiences and lessons from a four-year SNV project with partners (2018-22) implemented in the Atsaphone, Champhone, and Phalanxay districts of Savannakhet province. It presents examples of the partnership’s support in strengthening provincial government leadership and private-sector-led sanitation and hygiene supply chains to accelerate community-led total sanitation efforts.

    Whilst improvements across the three districts were realised, there is serious concern over the resilience of low-cost toilets to climate change. To achieve sustainable sanitation for all, it is critical to continue the focus on last-mile households and secure investments that will take the most vulnerable households higher up the sanitation ladder.

  • Bibliography

    SNV, ‘Accelerating Lao PDR’s sanitation journey to meet the 2025 target’, Project Brief, Beyond the Finish Line-Lao PDR (2018-2022), The Hague, SNV, 2023.

  • Donors & Partners

    UTS-ISF, CBM Australia, Water for Women, Australian Aid

  • For more information

    Anna Mutta, Country Director, SNV in Lao PDR

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