Inclusive climate resilient rural WASH services - Lao PDR

Strengthening local government and private sector capacities to adapt and integrate climate change resilience within inclusive area-wide rural WASH services and systems development.



Inclusive climate resilient rural WASH services - Lao PDR is part of an ongoing multi-country programme partnership with the Government of Australia’s Water for Women Fund implemented by SNV with partners in Bhutan, Lao PDR, and Nepal.

The project builds on earlier SNV collaborative work with the governments of Australia and Lao PDR in the Savannakhet province, which resulted in more than 139,000 residents ending open defecation practice. In partnership with the district governments of Atsaphone, Champhone, and Phalanxay, UTS-ISF, and CBM Australia, the project contributes to,

  • the search for cost-effective natural and built water storage options to strengthen the resilience of communities’ WASH systems,

  • development of climate-resilient water safety plans, which promote the delivery of flood-resilient latrines to areas that are flood prone, and

  • further strengthen inclusive processes and support mechanisms that facilitate the meaningful engagement of people with disabilities in WASH programming.

Residents in front of their toilet show the level of flooding in their area, which can reach as high as two meters. When flooding occurs, toilets become unusable.

Priority areas for research, knowledge generation, and learning include, (1) exploring diverse cost models, planning, and budgeting methods to make climate-resilient WASH systems more affordable, (2) co-creating and piloting last-mile group-focused WASH programming, and (3) documenting experiences and lessons in promoting transformative leadership focused on gender-inclusive and climate-resilient WASH approaches.

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Champhone district resident drawing water stored in container (Bart Verweij for SNV)

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Hand washing promotion in a monastery in Bhutan. Photo credit: SNV/Aidan Dockery.
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