T-WASH (Intermediate Phase)

Transforming access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Nutrition Services in Mozambique, Phase II



Transforming Access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and Nutrition Services

SNV is implementing the one-year intermediate phase of the FCDO-funded Transforming Access to WASH and Nutrition Services (T-WASH) project from September 2021. This project contributes to the development of an integrated national system to strengthen WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) and nutrition services in Mozambique at the local level. In collaboration with national, provincial and district institutions and as part of the PRONASAR programme, SNV will support the Government of Mozambique in project implementation, local capacity building, and fund management.

Between 2015 and 2020, SNV implemented the Capacity Building component of the FCDO’s T-WASH I project (formerly known as CEDES, Capacity Enhancement for Decentralised Services). During T-WASH I, SNV tested different capacity building approaches, supported performance-linked activities and designed incentives at local levels to reinforce institutional capacities and improve performance in the decentralisation of services. In the T-WASH intermediate phase, SNV will capitalise on the success of T-WASH I and use its experience and skills to facilitate a more profound shift in the delivery of services and the transformation of stakeholders’ knowledge and behaviours.

As Fund Manager, and in collaboration with the Government of Mozambique counterparts, SNV will provide capacity development and financial management for the PRONASAR programme. With project guidance, support at key points will be provided across the provincial WASH and nutrition planning and investment cycle. In addition, support will be given to strengthen capacity in project management, monitoring, and quality control.

To advance capacity enhancement activities within the WASH and nutrition sectors and prepare the groundwork for the next phase, the T-WASH intermediate phase will focus on four outcomes:

  1. Increased community participation and contribution for improved WASH and nutrition services in target rural communities.

  2. Provincial and district government eliciting and responding to demand improved WASH and nutrition services.

  3. Government supporting the effective decentralisation of WASH service delivery, improving sector performance, accountability, learning and knowledge development.

  4. Compliant investment of the Infrastructure Funds, including increased Value for Money with a sustained increase in the provision and use of rural WASH services.

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