Tanzania Improved Cookstoves (TICS) Programme

More than 90% of the approximately 48 million people in Tanzania rely on biomass –mostly firewood and charcoal- as their primary fuel for cooking.



More than 90% of the approximately 48 million people in Tanzania rely on biomass –mostly firewood and charcoal- as their primary fuel for cooking.

The overall objective of the EnDev-TICS Programme is to improve access and sustained use of appropriate cooking technologies for peri-urban and rural households of Tanzania through market linkages with quality private sector ICS product and service providers. The first phase of the project in the central areas of the Lake Zone has realized the development with local artisans of the ‘Jiko Matawi’ – a multi-purpose stove capable of using both firewood and charcoal.


The programme will facilitate the sustainable market entry of Matawi stoves by employing ‘performance driven’ programming approaches suitable to the context of ICS artisans, EnDev-TICS  works to groom entrepreneurs through successive stages to develop their rural markets via:

  • Delivery of Market Intelligence (MI) to gauge supply and demand side dynamics in local renewable energy markets;

  • Stove camp training with local artisans in Matawi production, costing, design refinement and initial marketing methods;

  • Local supply chain relation building and onsite ICS enterprise coaching paired with the introduction of non-monetized performance incentives;

  • Emerging ‘cook stove champions’ are identified and availed access to advanced and individualized products and services in business development, marketing and production scaling;

  • Responsive and entrepreneur led supports in promotion and marketing packages stimulating ICS enterprise growth and supply chain expansion.

Results so far

  • More than 226,000 rural and peri-urban Tanzanians have been reached so far by the programme, with increased access and use of clean, quality and appropriate cooking technologies.

  • 51 cookstove producers have been engaged, providing employment for 145 persons.

  • 47% of the cookstove enterprises are female headed, and account for 65% of production and sales of the Matawi stove, the improved design as introduced by the programme.

This is one of two project being implemented by SNV as part of the EnDev Tanzania programme, the other being the Results-Based Financing for Pico-Solar Market Development project.


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