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2023 Annual Report: Transforming systems for impact at scale


Local governments and climate-resilient water systems

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Using satellite data and digital services to transform agri-food systems in Burkina Faso


Embracing energy efficient solutions: Awelo’s journey from surviving to thriving

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Focus areas


Our goal through our work across the agri-food sector is to support the equitable transition to a sustainable and resilient agri-food system.


Our ambition is to support the development of inclusive markets for sustainable energy.


Our goal through our work across the water sector is to contribute to water security of all people and the natural world.

Climate adaptation and mitigation

The climate crisis is undermining our systems. Our goal is to accelerate action for the world’s most vulnerable people.

SNV's Ambika Yadav, a community organiser in Nepal for gender equality and social inclusion

Gender equality and social inclusion

Inequalities drive poverty and vulnerability. GESI-responsive programming is core in our work on systems change.

Strong institutions and effective governance

We believe building strong institutions and ensuring effective governance are essential for transforming systems.

Other impact areas

At SNV, we envision a world where, across every society, all people live with dignity and have equitable opportunities to thrive sustainably.

We apply our strong foundations and technical expertise within and across three inter-related sectors of agri-food, energy, and water, which are critical to enabling people to lead dignified lives and thrive.

Within and across these sectors, we work on three core themes: GESI, climate adaptation and mitigation, and strong institutions and effective governance.

Across these sectors and themes, we also focus on impact driven finance, digitalistion, systems change, and youth.

  • Digitalisation

    Digitalisation presents opportunities and barriers alike. SNV works to bridge the digital divide and build an inclusive future for communities in low- and middle income countries (LIMCs).

  • Impact driven finance

    To achieve our global ambitions, developing countries face a funding gap of US$ 2.5 trillion. SNV employs a range of innovative mechanisms to help bridge that gap.

  • Transforming systems

    Millions of people lack secure access to food, energy, and water. To counter this, we need to pursue a level of change that addresses the root causes of poverty and inequality rather than just treating symptoms.

  • Youth

    Young people can be a positive force for development across the globe. At SNV, our aim is to build opportunities for them to thrive.

About us

SNV is a global development partner rooted in and working across Africa and Asia. With a team of approximately 1,600 people, our mission is to strengthen capacities and catalyse partnerships that transform agri-food, energy and water systems to enable sustainable and more equitable lives for all.

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At SNV, we're always seeking new partnerships and collaborations to achieve our shared mission. Whether you're interested in learning more about our activities or exploring collaboration opportunities, get in touch with us to learn more.