The ‘missing middle’: rural growth centres in area-wide sanitation (an SNV WASH learning event)

Puzzle with missing piece

How can we strengthen the role of rural growth centres to achieve area-wide sanitation? Which aspects of rural growth centres require immediate sector attention to accelerate SDG 6 progress? Between July and August, these questions (and many more) will be explored during the 2nd SNV WASH learning event of the year.

From examining ways to integrate water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) innovation in efforts to improve health care facilities (HCFs), the next round of learning event activities enlarges the sanitation debate to rural growth centres.

Focus topics

During the 2nd SNV WASH learning event, participating sector practitioners and policymakers will engage on the following topics:

  • What does an area-wide sanitation approach mean in different contexts?

  • What are the opportunities and barriers to realising sanitation progress within rural growth centres?

  • What needs to be done to make rural growth centres ‘fit’ for our ambition to realise area-wide sanitation progress?

In preparation for the face-to-face learning event [1], from 10 through 30 July, we’re hosting electronic consultations through the SNV WASH e-group platform.

This learning event is especially useful for WASH stakeholders who work in rural areas, and rural sanitation and governance. It is being organised as part of the knowledge management and learning component of SNV’s rural sanitation product, Sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene for All (SSH4A).

It's not too late to engage

Send an email to: wash@snv.org, with the subject title: Registration to e-group.

In your email request, please indicate:

  • your full name; and

  • which sub-group you will want to follow: rural sanitation | urban sanitation | rural water supply (there too is an option to follow all sub-groups and opt out at a latter date)

[1] The 2nd SNV WASH learning event is scheduled for 5 to 8 August. It will be hosted by SNV in Ghana, and will take place at Jirapa, Ghana.