Paper: Lessons learned from the Partnering for Value project

Paper: Lessons learned from the Partnering for Value project

After three years, the Partnering for Value (4P) project is coming to an end. Today, SNV launches a paper with learnings from the 4P project.

The 4P project aimed to broker mutually beneficial partnerships between the public sector, the private sector and small-scale rural producers (4Ps) in five selected countries within the framework of IFAD-funded Value Chain Development Projects, that support agricultural and rural development.

The IFAD grant has provided SNV the opportunity to pilot 4P brokerage mechanisms in each country for three years. With this mechanism we assessed and validated the viability of this approach in various contexts.

In total, 23 partnerships were brokered in El Salvador, Senegal, Uganda, Mozambique and Vietnam. Our lessons learned from the project are documented in this final 4P project paper, which contains a set of insights, results and reflections based on experiences from the business cases. Amongst others, we analyse how the 4P approach fits (or can be positioned) in the wider market development context and reflect on the added value of a brokering approach for 4Ps.