SNV programmes feature in New York Times article


SNV’s programmes have featured recently in a New York Times article entitled “Rwanda Eyes Biogas to Help Curb Deforestation’.

The article, which was written by journalist Amy Yee focuses on the government of Rwanda efforts to promote renewable energy as the main of cooking energy by 2024 and halve the countries dependence on biomass - which is energy from plants and plant materials. The article also examines the challenges that Rwanda has faced in implementing their biogas programme.

Rwanda launched its national biogas programme in 2009 following an initial pilot programme supported by aid from GIZ and SNV. The Rwandan government eventually took over the biogas programme and helped establish more than 50 private companies to support projects at homes and schools. A great example of creating a sustainable market that continues to grow and develop long after SNV departs.

The article also goes on to mention that more than 400 masons, supervisors and appliance manufacturers were trained by SNV which was through our OYE projects to support the biogas initiatives, helping to create valuable jobs in rural areas.

To read the full New York Times article please follow this link. Also, a longer version of this article has been published on the publishing platform Medium.

To learn more about SNV's biogas programmes please visit our biogas webpage.