SNV presents 10 case studies from the Partnering for Value Project

SNV presents 10 case studies from the Partnering for Value Project

Today, SNV makes available ten draft case studies that showcase learnings from the Partnering for Value (4P) project (funded by IFAD).

The 4P project aimed to broker mutually beneficial partnerships between the public sector, the private sector and small-scale rural producers (4Ps) in five selected countries to support agricultural and rural development. SNV piloted the 4P brokerage mechanisms in selected projects for three years to assess the viability of 4P frameworks in various contexts. In total, 23 partnerships were brokered in El Salvador, Senegal, Uganda, Mozambique and Vietnam.

For ten partnerships, the brokering process was documented in detail in a case study. Each case study was explored with the use of the following questions:

  • Which bottlenecks in the concerned value chain was the 4P meant to overcome and how was the 4P going to address this?

  • How was the 4P brokered, designed and implemented?

  • What have been the outcomes for all partners in the 4P and how have these been influenced by the 4P brokering process?

By presenting the learnings from our project experience, we aim to support (future) 4P stakeholders (government, business, donor agencies, NGOs, farmers’ organisations) to take informed decisions and build more effective 4Ps that bring about positive sustainable outcomes. Our learnings are also documented in the final 4P project paper and will be discussed during the final learning event that is taking place at IFAD Head Office in Rome on 8 and 9 February.

The case studies are available for download: